Business Bookings

Many organisations are using Project X Escape Rooms as a compliment to their staff development and team building programmes. Escape rooms offer an innovative and practical way to train, motivate and incentivise your employees.

A fun training environment

Project X Escape Rooms can offer a creative and valuable contribution to your staff training programmes. The rooms provide a real test of team work, problem solving, communication and observational skills. Each room can take 2-6 people. If you have a larger workforce, you can set 2 or more teams against each other and challenge both rooms!

Incentivise your staff

Why not reward your staff with Project X Escape Rooms gift vouchers? They offer a creative, fun and cost effective way to give your staff a fun experience. Contact us and find out more about our voucher scheme for companies.

Motivate your staff

We have 2 diverse themed rooms that offer a good balance of challenges for a wide range of age groups. We find that participants engage fully in the process as they have a mutual live ‘problem’ to solve. Managers are constantly seeking new and unique ways to develop their staff, build effective teams and promote camaraderie. We’re sure your staff will have a great time. We’ve hosted many business groups, why not have us host yours?

Get in touch about block bookings for business clients and “vs” style setups for multiple teams!

 Contact us for more details.