What is an Escape Room?

An escape room by literal definition is a room you must escape from! It is an adrenaline fueled, mind game that will have your heart pacing and your mind racing. If you like the sound of this, you’ll love Project X Escape in Javea.

The Objective

The goal in any escape room is just that, escape. Though many franchises have incorporated their own themes into them, such as, your character has been locked in a nuclear bunker for his/her own safety and the only means of getting out is by solving the riddles of the room, alas the end result remains the same, escape is the name of the game.

The Team

This is not a game for the lone wolf among us. You must band together with your best and brightest, whether you are a dynamic duo or a super six, this is where friendships are made and broken all at once. Can you rely on your team?

The Puzzles

The puzzles in each room varies; however the general idea is that there are keys and padlocks on almost everything and you must find clues throughout the room so as to unlock these and in hand get out. The puzzles will require some outside the box thinking and generally no physical force, this is brain over brawn.

The Clock

How well do you work under pressure? As I have previously stated the aim of the game is to escape but of course it is not that simple, you will have 60 minutes on the clock to get out of the room and if the time runs out so do your chances of getting out… Just kidding you will be released as soon as the time is up.

The Result

The final result is an incredible bonding experience that will not be forgotten. As a group of friends it can be a fun attraction full of laughs and memories. As a business it can be the team building task you have been looking for, allowing your employees to work together under pressure and show you what they are really made of. All in all it is a one-off experience that cannot be repeated and will entertain a group. The final result is the only live-action game of its kind. Will you escape?

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