What is an Escape Room?

An escape room by literal definition is a room you must escape from! It’s an adrenaline fueled mind game that will test your mental and team skills to the limit. If you like the sound of this, you’ll love Project X Escape in Javea.

The Objective

It’s in the name! An Escape room is, put in its simplest form, a room that you are tasked with escaping from. Currently we have 2 different themed rooms at Project X in Javea, “Bunker in the pueblo” and “Murder on Montgo”. An escape room will always feature puzzles and practical tasks the team must carry out in order to escape, usually with one puzzle leading on to the next or several puzzles providing the answer to a particular problem. Escape rooms are a fun team activity for every generation in the family!

The Team

Whether your team is a dynamic duo or a super sleuthing six you’ll need to work together at all times to ensure success. Good communication is key – this is where the bonds of family and friendship will be tested! Can you rely on your team? Can they rely on you??

The Puzzles

We don’t want to give too much away but you’ll be tasked with finding clues and codes to help you with the various locks and puzzles you’ll discover inside the room. Expect the unexpected! As you progress you will find more and more information leading you towards escape! This is very much brain over brawn and a keen mind will be your most valuable resource.

The Clock

Do you and your team perform well under pressure? You’re going to find out! The only aim is to escape but, of course, there’s that pesky time limit! If the time runs out, so do your chances of escape*. If you can beat the record in your room we’ll give you a prize and your team name will be forever enshrined in the hall of heroes!

(*Of course, you will still be released should you fail to escape in 60 minutes)

The Result

The final result is an incredible bonding experience that will not be forgotten. With a group of friends or a family it’s a fun attraction full of laughs and memories. As a business group it can be the team building task you have been looking for, allowing your employees to work together under pressure and show you what they are really made of. All in all it is a one-off experience that cannot be repeated and will entertain a group. The final result is the only live-action game of its kind. Will you escape? Let’s find out!

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